Olive oil

Olive oil from L'Olivier Estate

• Our L'Olivier extra virgin unfiltered olive oil is produced and bottled on the estate.

• A lovely light golden yellow colour with a fine and complex aroma and an elegant nuances of freshly cut grass with a tint of bitterness.

• L'Olivier's olive oil is not a blend, it consists mainly of Frontoio and Mission olives (cold pressed). We have 15 hectares of olive trees, mainly Mission, Leccino and Frontoio.
The trees were planted in 1947.

• Each tree was grafted from one sample, originally imported from Greece.

• In 1999 we planted a further 500 trees of an Italian cultivar, to enable us to improve on the olive oil flavours and quality.

For any wine or olive related enquiries, please contact Guillaume Nell at guillaume@lolivierestate.com